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Maryland Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Bulls

From Tuhon w/ Love

From Tuhon w/ Love
NEW Family
(NeW!) LADRA Brothers
JUNE 21st & 22nd, 2008 PTK SEMINAR
Legends of Kali 2005
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Legends of Kali Participants

The highest Pedestal of happiness is when someone has reach to the highest goal of satisfaction and found himself or herself the comfort of being alone and be with people and friends that he can talk the same subject that never ends even at the very next day. This is the Mabagsik's special feelings and special happiness.This happens when they found themsleves in one accord of decision and that decision was to win at  cost against all flags, against all seen and  unseen enemies. And they found this in Anaheim, New Jersey and  Maryland. They fought in unison of energy, unison in thinking and unison in victory. They are one and one for all, because they are the chosen one. To fight in other lands is a great feeling of security and what the Mabagsik fought for is not for glory but it was a test of skill, a test of unity, a test how each one was able to show discipline  with  right  culture. This is set of example how to invade but not to destroy but  to enhance true martial friendship based on Philosophy and cultural discipline. Let me congratulate each one of the Mabagsik for a job well done. You  have the Empire to defend and you have the enemy that you cannot see and you don't know. Prepare for them and once they are into the life of a true warrior, there are ends. 
Pekiti-Tirsia is happiness. it can stand in all atrocities, it can stand where other falls